Saturday, August 31, 2013

Excision Recovery in Pictures

At about 4 weeks postop from excision surgery, here are a few pictures that seem to sum up my recovery process:

Let me just say at the start that recovery is like this:
I had trouble once I went home and anesthesia wore off with my pain feeling like:

(lightening and spasms in my abdomen-back through the ER and an overnight stay)

The first couple of weeks, I felt like:
Still dealing with keeping pain under control (toradol is a blessing), fatigue, bloating, insomnia, and don't get me started on bowel problems!!! And why not add in a little hormonal sobbing to top it off??

And I realize that:

 Week 2: I was more like:

Week 3: Starting to go back to work part hours:

(although feeling like s**t is also appropriate)
Week 4: Starting to feel a little better, able to walk/yoga a little more, feeling like:
About this time, I realize the time for my first postop period has come and I'm like:
But then:
But at least my uterus isn't as bad as usual:
Usually it's like:
Although you still feel like:
But I will continue to:

Eat healthy.
Practice yoga. (blessing for body & mind)
Keep walking.
Take supplements.
Keep stress under control.
Try to get the insomnia under control.
And most importantly: