Sunday, January 19, 2014

EndoMarch 2014

A lot of people may have heard of endometriosis but really have no idea what it is or the impact it has on the lives of those with it. Many myths and misconceptions abound. Most endometriosis patients have a delay of 7-9 years before a correct diagnosis is made. Inadequate treatments can leave sufferers with continuing pain and other symptoms that progress over time. It's time for a change.
What is it? When is it?
In order to raise awareness and campaign for better research, treatment options, and early detection, a march is being organized for March 13, 2014.
(to see its specific goals see here:
Where is it?
The march is being organized worldwide with the one in the United States taking place in Washington DC.
Who is sponsoring it?
How can I join?
It's easy and it's free! Simply register online. There are precinct managers for each country/state that you can contact for more information and how you can get involved.
Go here for more information:
I hope to see you there. Even if you can't come, please participate by spreading the word.