Thursday, February 27, 2014

EndoMarch Blog Week 7!!

It's only 2 weeks away!!
I'm excited and nervous. I'm excited to be going. Looking forward to meeting my endo sisters and being at the event. I'm nervous that illness might keep me from going, that it might cloud the day and make it where I cannot be fully present. That's the bad thing about a chronic illness/pain. You never know when it will be a good day or a bad day. You get to the point where you don't want to plan anything because prior events have been spoiled or thwarted by pain, heavy bleeding, nausea, bowel symptoms, or a myriad of symptoms.
I'd like to raise awareness close to home, but the going is tough! I've sent in a request to the local paper to do a story on endometriosis for March, provided them links to the latest information and about the EndoMarch (haven't heard back yet). I sent information about the EndoMarch to our Senators and my district's Congressman (heard back from the office of one of the Senators!- thanks Bob Corker!). I've been making awareness ribbons for my gyn's office personnel to wear during March and to have for other people to wear as well.
Hope to see you there!!!